July 06, 2012

Clippings: Cheese Nuns! Latkes! Rants! and more!

Archbishop Chaput's homily for the closing mass of the Fortnight for Freedom was simply incredible. Do not miss it. "But God has made us for more than the world. Our real home isn’t here. The point of today’s Gospel passage is not how we might calculate a fair division of goods between Caesar and God. In reality, it all belongs to God and nothing – at least nothing permanent and important – belongs to Caesar. Why? Because just as the coin bears the stamp of Caesar’s image, we bear the stamp of God’s image in baptism. We belong to God, and only to God." Personally, I recommend watching the video so you can get a feel for the crowd, which was incredible – rapt with attention, and set on fire with his words. But the text is here.

Br. Thomas More offers some thoughts on the HHS Mandate in relation to the ACA decision. Dude was a lawyer before becoming a Dominican, and he also happens to be one of my favorite people, so, listen to him! (Dominicana)

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These prints! (Ermie, via Miss Moss, via Kate Miss)

No question: I am buying this cookbook when it comes out. Just looking at that salad makes me feel cool. (Canal House Cooks Lunch)

There are Cheese Nuns in Virginia! Why did I not know this? I am so going there for a retreat. (Washington Post)

Zucchini and Garlic Latkes are going on the menu for next week, Mom. (Sassy Radish)

A little late, I know, but this is a lovely way to celebrate the 4th of July. (Like Mother Like Daughter)

I am a ashamed to admit how many of these I haven't read: the 100 top children's books – though these were selected via a poll, and you know there's no accounting for taste sometime. Still its a pretty good list. (School Library Journal)

Tony Esolen rants about bad hymns. I had a funny experience a few weeks ago about this. I went to a funeral of an acquaintance, and the music was just awful, and I realized that it's been years since I've heard bad church hymns. I had completely forgotten how bad they can be.  (Catholic World Report)

This scarf, please. And this dress. Also, has anyone bought from Dorothy Perkins? Because the prices are rather stunning. (Reading my Tea Leaves and Verily)

The National Weather Service is getting weirdly creative. And I am once again glad that I'm leaving for CA. (We Love DC)

Hilarious and awesome. (Boffoli Photography)

My Goddaughter is causing trouble. Guess I better pray harder. (Art & Adventure)


  1. Oh, Maggie. Can I tell you how much I love reading your Clippings? Because I do.

    Also, you have single-handedly influenced me to subscribe to more food blogs than I can possibly handle. :-)

    Have lots of fun in CA and enjoy the less-humid sunshine (and fog, please)!

  2. Nuns! Cheese! I love it.