July 05, 2012

Bookmarked for California

Off to California next week. We'll have clippings tomorrow, and special guests for the next couple weeks, actually! I am super excited to be featuring these amazing women, and hope you'll enjoy their posts, too!

+ Dad, Hepburn and the Professor, their daughters, and I are going to an A's game.  This is the first A's game I've been to in probably 7 years, which is shocking and horribly sad. they are playing the Mariners (The Professor's home team) so it should be a good game for rivalries.

+ I am finally going to the Heath Ceramics studio tour and visiting their over-stock shop. (Update: Hark!)

+ Coffee cupping at Blue Bottle, in Berkeley. Probably visiting the inimitable June Taylor, too. And, while we're there, Tail of the Yak (ps, seriously, Mom: why have we not been there?!).

+ Hoping to recreate this afternoon at Mission Dolores, only at a different Mission.
+ Visiting and touring St. Peter's Chapel on Mare Island (where my parent's live)

+ Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, and maybe hiking through Muir Woods, which I haven't done since I was a child.

+ Visiting two new kitchen stores in SF: Pot + Pantry and March, and hopefully finally going to Omnivore Books

Plus, chillaxing with the Knightleys, Curly, Hepburn and the Professor, and many more friends and family. I cannot wait!

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  1. Aw! Have a great time if I don't see you before you leave!