June 05, 2012

Summer Shopping List

Well, I've bought about fifty shirt dresses this summer, because I can't find any skirts that I like. I still have plenty of cotton blouses, and a few linen ones that I haven't quite put into rotation yet. And I bought a really fantastic pair of bright pink shorts (the exact shade of pink as half my summer tops, alas). But there are a few things still on my list:

SUNGLASSES: Alas, I need prescription glasses. But, there's hope: I just discovered this awesome glasses shop. All their glasses are under $50, and many are under $20. AND LOOK: Blue. Tortoiseshell. Aviators. They're only $6.95, plus $4.95 to make them into sunglasses. Clearly, I am buying these.

WHITE DRESS: I have long wanted a white dress, and never known if I could really pull it off. And then I found this one from Land's End. It is perfection, and it isn't super sheer! I have recently join the school of wear-white-everything. Because then if you spill on yourself (as I do a shocking amount of time) you can bleach it. If you are not of this school, you can buy it in a pretty caramel brown.

SUMMER PUMP: I have to mostly wear closed-toe shoes, but these woven pumps are just summery enough, with a comfortably mid-heel. I could wear these all day, I think.

Photo: Helmut Newton, 1973

1 comment:

  1. I love that white dress. I'll have to watch for it to go on sale.

    I've never purchased glasses online, but those are cheap enough that I think they'd be worth the risk.