June 14, 2012

Jams by Mags Shop Update: The Strawberries!

Ladies and gentlemen I am very excited to share with you two new Jams by Mags releases, featuring everybody's favorite spring fruit: STRAWBERRIES!!!

For years I have wondered how to get the bright, slightly tangy burst of a freshly picked strawberry captured in a jam. Every strawberry jam I've tasted was more like Jolly Ranchers--over-cooked and over-sweet-- than like the brilliant lightness of the year's first strawberries. Enter, Strawberry Lemonade Jam. The strawberries are mixed with a hefty portion of organic lemon juice; this jam is as vibrant and tantalizing as the first buds of spring. One satisfied customer says: "It tastes like the season!" $8 for a 6 oz. Jar

Inspired by the brilliant French pastry chef, Christine Faber, this is a deeper, richer, not-for-P-B-and-J jam. The super sweet, super ripe end-of-season strawberries are steeped in California Zinfandel, with an exotic mixture of organic spices (including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and anise), and organic demerara sugar. This would be stunning with homemade ice cream, or to dress up a cheesecake, but I especially like to mix it with a little grain mustard and use it as a BBQ sauce for skirt steak. This is a limited edition of 20 jars, so get it while you can! $8 for a 6 oz. Jar

Strawberries were handpicked from Homestead Farms in Potomac, Maryland, which has been farmed by the Allnut family since the 1760's.

All Jams by Mags are hand cut, small batch preserves, created with the highest quality local ingredients, made in the peak of their season. Organic and local fruits, herbs, and spices are used whenever possible. We use only organic, fair trade sugar. This jam is made in a kitchen shared with nuts, dairy, and wheat, but not on equipment shared with nuts, dairy and wheat.

Photos by Kim Maxwell Vu for Jams by Mags

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