June 19, 2012

In Season: Five Blooms from Longwood

Clearly I am in a warm-pink phase. Five blooms from Longwood, from top to bottom: a variegated hibiscus, an star lily (that looks like a orchid and grows on a vine!), hardy water lilies, peach roses, and an orchid cactus bloom.

ps. Please don't judge my spotty nail-polish. I painted them on the bus!
pps. Please don't judge me for painting my nails on a bus. It actually made the bus smell better.


  1. I meant to say last night that I love your pink nails. Also: perfection is overrated. Which is why I never comb my hair.

  2. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Ha! I was actually thinking - I love that she has pink nails. :D Even better that you painted them on the bus. When a girl needs painted nails, she NEEDS painted nails ;)