June 07, 2012

Clippings: The Rainbow Sponge!

Work is nuts, and I am going to have to cut blogging short this week, ok? Sorry loves.  Ps. The sky has been AMAZING this week. This is a shot I got yesterday out my office window at lunchtime.

Garance Wore Green (The Cut)

Exercises in Nostalgia: stamps (but more fun than our 5th grade options); 1999 prom dress shopping (but with a clunkier heel); my father's chess set (though Dad's is black and ivory).

Flyovers! Hats! Kate! (Go Fug Yourself)

File this under: why did it take so long? Though the free shipping limit should probably be lower. (3FlOz)

A beautiful condolence letter to the Uncle and Aunt of James Dean from his friend, Stewart Stern, the screen writer of Rebel Without a Cause: "I write from the depths of my appreciation — to Jimmy for having touched my life and opened my eyes — to you for having grown him all those young years and for having given him your love — to you for being big enough and humane enough to let me come into your grief as a stranger and go away a friend." (Letters of Note)

Also beautiful: Terry Teachout's essay on the death of his mother.

Douglass Flamm is clearly the coolest person ever. (NY Daily News via The Paris Review)

Stinging Nettle Tea and finding a sense of place in an unknown land. Also, I desperately want to try making Hay Ice Cream. (Farmette)

Charles and Ray Eames are adorable. (Miss Moss)

Rest in Peace, Ray Bradbury. Also, people of the world who Maggie generally admires: stop dying, please.  Thank you. (Letters of Note)

This New Yorker blog post about creating an obscure Middle English letter (the thorn), is oddly compelling.

Finally: carve two minutes out of your afternoon for this little gem, "The Rainbow Sponge." (And the hat tips to MMT.)

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