June 22, 2012

Clippings: The Feast of St. Thomas More

Awesome graphic design (above) from The Commoner and The Everywhere Project--inspired by the Johnny Cash song (below).

Skeuomorph: Do you know what it means? (Brooklyn Brainery via Myrna)

"The Rise of the Tweet takes place amid an internet-induced cheapening of language, in both good and bad senses."  - N+1 Magazine (via Arts and Letters Daily)

All you ever wanted to know about Tea (the meal, not the drink per se). (Daily Infographic)

Boys are awesome.

My high-school literature professor, Tom Riley, to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude for all that I discovered in his class, is also a poet. And he has a new blog which features his poetry. And it's great. (Flammeus Gladius)

Hark! A Vagrant can find inspiration anywhere; and thank goodness.

I read an article once about pregnancy cravings--that they actually mean something is deficient, and how when a pregnant woman craves dirt she needs iron. I have never craved dirt; I can only assume this is because a) I am not pregnant and b) I use a cast iron skillet which is like taking magic vitamins of iron awesomeness. (I wish they had a version of magic vitamins of calcium awesomeness. Ugh. Calcium pills are the worst.) ANYWAY: I thoroughly enjoyed this article about "adding dirt to our diets." (NY Times via MRP)

The Hydrangeas this year are just stunning stunning stunning. Andrew & Carissa document.

I cannot imagine turning on the oven for at least another 4 months, however: this iteration of one of my favorite breakfast dishes look amazing. (Simple Village Girl)

Speaking of ovens: pie, pie, pie, pie!

This is basically the best vintage Etsy shop I've ever seen: tea cups! book ends! vases!

Drunk Author Texts (The Paris Review)

The Japanese know how to do modern minimalism. They've been doing it for a long long time. (Remodelista)

Finally: Happy Feast of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher. Thomas More is the patron of my diocese, and the patron of the Fortnight for Freedom, and all around one of my very favorite saints.  Read the thoughts of Br. Thomas More, OP, on this, his patron's feast! (Dominicana)

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  1. The funny thing is that that adding dirt to your diet piece said that the problem is all the starbucks we drink. But I just saw an article about starbucks the other day that said how many bugs are in some of their drinks (and bugs are like dirt, right?). Also--I barely wash my mushrooms so I get loads of dirt. I have a feeling that it's in a lot of our food.