May 22, 2012

Wedding Flowers for $200, Alex

This past Saturday, one of my college roommates got married! And I volunteered to do the flowers. Our budget was $200, and the colors were blue and gold, for the Blessed Virgin Mary, and white.  We had to make two large bouquets, a posy for the flower-girl, and another for the Mary altar. There were 15 tables, a large bouquet for the buffet, and another for the gift table. Plus 13 boutonnieres for the fellows, and 13 hair pins for the ladies, and two corsages for the mothers.

How, you ask, did I manage to do all that for only $200? Two words, my dear friends, and they are words you hear a lot from me: Farmer's Market. I called Wollam Gardens, who are based in Jeffersontown, VA, and have a booth at the Penn Quarter Farmer's Market, and the Courthouse Farmer's Market (among others), and asked what white and blue flowers they had available. Jim and Kim (the managers), were so helpful, and had good suggestions, and honest assessments of what my needs were, and we pulled together an order of Bachelor's Buttons, the lovely drooping Baptisia, sumptuous, fragrant Peonies, and tall, electric blue stalks of Delphinium. I supplemented these selections with a handful of white Roses, and some Astrolomeria from Costco, but honestly, I wish I had just bought more peonies.

The bouquets for the bride and her sister were made mostly of peonies, with some roses as well.  The peonies held up much better in the long run than the roses. I wrapped them with a thick royal blue ribbon, with the end exposed but nicely trimmed so that they could drink water that morning. The boutonnieres were made with (ha! ha!) bachelor's buttons, and some silk leaves which I painted gold (no photo). The corsages were small peony buds with the bachelors buttons and silk leaves. Our hair pieces were three of the leaves with three of the bachelor's buttons buds. And the centerpieces were a wild assortment of all the flowers (first photo, below, are all the centerpieces in the crate I used to transport them.)

I wish I had taken better pictures, but mostly this post is to tell you that 1) you can do it yourself and 2) you can buy seasonal and exceptional flowers from your local farms for a much better price than any of the wholesale options out there. And 3) if you're in the DC area, be sure to call Wollam Gardens. They are awesome.

And for good measure: the bride, groom, and four nuns who sang the Mass:

PHOTOS: mine, iPhone, edited with VSCO app.


  1. Wow! Really beautiful.

  2. Hi Maggie. Your comment about peonies vs roses reminded me that another name for peonies is cabbage rose. You are a woman of many talents.


    Jodi Baxter

  3. You are a treasure! And the flowers are fab.