May 30, 2012

Rest in Peace Doc Watson

Every summer, as the heat bears down upon us, and we can feel the thunderstorms in the air, there is one thing I want to do: listen to bluegrass. So, all weekend long, and well into this week (how is it already Wednesday?), I have been listening to bluegrass, folk, and roots music. I rediscovered how awesome the entire O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack is, musing on how that one movie began what I expect will be a life-long love affair with bluegrass.

From there, I dug out Mom and Dad's old Will the Circle Be Unbroken albums, and met Doc Watson, who passed away yesterday after a fall. The man was truly the best of the best. And somehow, though he was 89 years old, it just never occurred to me that he wouldn't be around, singing the same glorious songs, picking those fantastic tunes over and over, each time more beautiful than the last.

A very early film recording of the classic "Deep River Blues":

And an awesome video of him and Earl Scruggs at Watson's home:

Here's my favorite song of all time performed by Doc and David Grisman:

And my very favorite Doc Watson song (from that original Will the Circle Be Unbroken album):

Oh, Doc. We hope you're singing this right now, leading all the choirs of heaven:

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