May 01, 2012

Places: The Little Red Lighthouse

One of my very favorite picture books was The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge. It is about a lighthouse on the banks of the Hudson River, that boldly warned ships of the rock shore (of Manhattan's Upper West Side / Washington Heights region). But then a huge bridge (the George Washington Bridge) is built over the Little Red Lighthouse, and it has huge, bright lights that shine into the night sky. The poor lighthouse feels rather useless and abandoned. But then a huge storm surges...

It's long been a plan of mine to visit the Little Red Lighthouse, which still stands (but I think is no longer operational). On Saturday, Curry, Grendel, and I hiked down there (the path is paved, but man, pushing the stroller up the hill was hard!). We took pictures, lazed about on the lawn, introduced Grendel to dandelions (which, good and curious child that he is, he instantly tasted, and liked). I would have sat there forever.

Fort Washington Park, Manhattan

SUBWAY: A train to 181st St. and walk west to Plaza Lafayette. Cross the footbridge and take a left down the path under the overpass. Cross over the railroad tracks and follow the path to the left (south). The lighthouse is almost directly under the George Washington Bridge.
NEARBY: Pop into the lovely cafe 181 Cabrini for brunch, coffee and a couple drafts on your way down. (They are really lovely, and kid-friendly, too!)

Photos: mine, taken on iPhone and edited with VSCO Cam.


  1. Aaaaaaaahhhh! We looked for the Little Red Lighthouse many, many times as we crossed the Great Grey Bridge before we found out it had been moved. So glad you've gone to see it!

  2. I don't think it's actually moved--I think it's just not visible because it is literally right under the bridge. And there is a huge cliff and forested park that blocks a view from the city.