May 04, 2012

May-already Clippings

Vogue's Steven Meisel photographs designs by Schiaparelli for the Costume Institute's Schiaparelli/Prada exhibition. (Vogue Tumblr)

Does your family have inside jokes that you, after nearly thirty years, still don't really understand? There is one pun that still, always, makes my parents giggle like school children. It's a pun on the name of the great architect of the House of Commons, Augustine Pugin, and the great Pugett Sound, in Washington State. I don't remember the punchline (I never remember punchlines), but no matter what: when someone brings up Pugin, Dad says something like "You know, I've always wanted to visit that part of Washington." and Mom gets a fit of giggles and we three kids look around perplexed. All of which is to say: you should read this great piece on Pugin at 200 by George Weigl. (First Things)

He may not have been the songwriter, or much of an instrumentalist, but I always liked Garfunkel best. (Image)

Catholic Left. Catholic Right. (Shirt of Flame)

I never thought fashion and food could go so well together. (Miss Moss and Bon Appetit)

Pretty sure I'll be addicted to this lemon coconut sauce this summer. (101 Cookbooks)

Let's make ALL THE PANCAKES. (Food 52)

Last night was our first official night of summer: we went to the local dive, and drank about a pitcher of Yeungling each. Needless to say, trying to explain to Stearns what a tumblr was, was pretty funny. Relatedly I have a new favorite tumblr: couture sandwich. (via Cup of Jo)

These DIY clay house pots for succulents are adorable. (Say Yes to Hoboken  via creature Comforts)

TOMORROW IS THE SUPERMOON. Here's everything you need to know. (Smithsonian)

For Cinco de Mayo: WSJ covers the Margarita.

These photos of Encinitas make me want to go back to California sooooooo bad. (Brian Ferry)

Simcha has been brilliant this week: 1 / 2 / 3  (but especially #2). (National Catholic Register)

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