May 31, 2012

Just a Couple Links for the Jubilee

I've been invited to two Jubilee Parties this weekend. (Is Saturday the actual Jubilee?) The British Royal Family has been riding a high wave of favor and support since Wills and Kate got married. (Actually, I like to think it all started with Helen Mirren.) They are trendsetters again (so many more hats at the weddings I've attended this year). They are hosting the Olympics. Everyone wants tea and fairy cakes. Huzzah!

The Queen's history with fashion. (BBC)

The Queen's first Garden Party, reviewed, sartorially, by the Fug girls. I just love all their royal coverage. (Go Fug Yourself)

The Queen recently released all of Queen Victoria's journals online. (The Paris Review)

Cynthia Crossen suggests great novels set in London. (WSJ)

The Official Diamond Jubilee Website is adorable.

A look back at her coronation.  She was only 25 years old! Goodness gracious, I cannot imagine that. (The Daily Beast)

And some Diamond Jubilee Party DIYs and decorations. (Babble)

Dispatches from Ancient Industries.

Finally, I am going to carve away some time this week to watch the musical Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire and Jane Powell. It's fantastic. Nothing bad happens in it. It's just pure bliss, silly love, and lots of great dancing. Actually, the plot is almost entirely incidental. But Astaire finally gets to do a few stunning dance techniques that he'd always wanted to try to film: dancing on a rocking ship, dancing with a coat rack, and dancing on the walls and ceiling of a room. Also, Astaire's love interest was Winston Churchill's daughter, Sarah.

PS. Miss Hale: I like this pin, no?


  1. SO fun! Thanks for all these links! Be sure to update us on those Jubilee parties! :)