May 24, 2012

Introducing: Verily Magazine

I am thrilled to be sharing with you the exciting launch of a new magazine for women, Verily Magazine.  Founded by six incredible women (two of whom are friends) who did what I and every other women I know have wanted to do for a long time: start a magazine of style and substance that addressed real women.   In the words of their Editor-in-Chief, Kara Eschbach:
Why start a new magazine? To be completely honest, this is a bit of a selfish endeavor. Verily was started as a response to our own feelings that the current narrative about women in the media - the fashion, the approach to relationships, the career advice - didn't reflect how we felt about ourselves or the trajectory of our lives.

The content is great. The style columns feature real women (above) and clothing that is affordable and accessible.  The Culture section has short, fun recommendations and longer essays (including a great defense of Downton Abbey. I am especially intrigued by the "Relationships" section, which, thank God, is not just about sex (like all the other relationship columns out there). See for example: "Love in the Time of Texting" (by my friend Monica Gabriel) to the deeply personal story about the culture of arranged marriages that is lovely and surprisingly universal.

Though the magazine will eventually be in print (with digital editions for the iPad, Kindle, etc.), I want to comment their graphic designer, Jane Riley, of the blog Jane Reaction, for doing such a stunning design job. My biggest beef with online magazines is the design: they are often crammed and the text is barely legible. Ms. Riley has put together lovely layouts with lots of breathing room and clear crisp fonts. It just looks lovely.

This is just the teaser issue, so some items are just briefly touched on: cooking, travel, beauty, etc. But they have a great team, and are fabulous and interesting women. Bravo, ladies!  And thanks!

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  1. I am very excited about this beautiful, new magazine (can't wait to see it in print)! It is a refreshing turn from the usual fashion/lifestyle smut that lines the magazine aisle these days.