May 22, 2012

Graphic Additions for My Wall

This August makes 4 years in Cranford. Goodness knows, if I had known I'd stay in Cranford for 4 whole years, I would have painted the god-awful dirty white walls right away. But now it's too late (only because we have to pay $100/room to paint).

I keep wanting to re-arrange the living room, and Myrna is convinced that once I do so, I'll hate it. She's probably right, though, to prove her wrong, I am going to re-arrange while she's traveling this June. When she gets back, though, we're making big changes. Mostly, we're going to get new bookshelves to go behind the couch, move our art around, and pretend like we're adults and buy actual boxes to store out-of-season items like my Christmas decorations (instead of the bruised cardboard boxes Mom sent them to me in!). A new age!

As you have probably surmised, I love bookshelves, and think there no better ways to decorate a room.  But we already have a lot of bookshelves, and they can look heavy. (Though, we're buying once that come in a pine finish, so they should be light and airy.) Still, they'll create some visual noise. So I am leaning towards more graphic and simple pieces of art.

"What We Play Is Life" // Defend New Orleans // $20 (goes to the Louis Armstrong Band Camp)

"Surfers" // Marco Suarex // $60

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