May 07, 2012

Drinks: The Kentucky Waterfall

We were told that this drink - essentially a bourbon based Dark and Stormy - was called a Kentucky waterfall. But then when I searched for that online, what came up was some horrible concoction with sake, bourbon and pineapple juice. So, here is the real recipe (though, again, perhaps not the real name). It is our summer staple, besides watered down Yeungling at our favorite dive bar.

The important thing here is finding the right ginger beer. You want it hot, spicy, not too sweet. If you live near an ethnic market, and can find some crazy caribbean ginger soda, it knock your socks off. Otherwise, I buy Reed's from TJs, or Fentimen's. General rule of thumb: buy ginger beer instead of ginger ale. (Though if the ginger ale is not a major brand and comes in a glass bottle, it will probably be quite good too, just a little sweeter.)

This is truly the best summer drink. The heat of the ginger, the gentle sweetness, the refreshing lime. They can be dangerously easy to drink, though.  (Thanks for being our bartender and model, Sidecar.)


2 oz of your favorite Bourbon
Spicy Ginger Beer
Juice of one half a lime
Slice of lime for garnish

Pour the bourbon over ice in a low-ball glass. Fill the glass with ginger beer. Juice the lime over the glass, and stir gently. Garnish with a lime, and enjoy.

Images: Mine, taken with my Pentax using Fugi ISO 200.

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  1. I love ginger beer, but I've never tried Bourbon. I think I'll have to try it this summer. :)