May 25, 2012


Though the title "Clippings" is fairly self-expanitory, many of you may not know that the title comes from the fact that my entire family is a family of clippers: if we see something we like in a magazine or newspaper, we clip it out and save it. And sometimes we send it to each other. Yesterday I got in the mail a big long section from the San Francisco Chronicle with two "Chronicle Classic" columns--reprints of their best writers from days of old. I was giddy with excitement, and read the articles during dinner, and immediately folded them to file away.

There isn't really a particular quote or turn of phrase that interests me here. Those I would write in my quote book and try to remember. It's just that every time I move, or rearrange the bedroom, or finally clean off my desk, I stumble across a few of these and remember how wonderful my home town is, how thrilling it is to write well, and how awesome my parents are too, for sending them.

So, this week's clippings:

There are baby Cheetahs at the National Zoo. I literally teared up at their adorableness. Though it might have been the wine I had with dinner. (DCist)

I anxiously await the start of corn season, so I can make this Coconut Rice Salad with Corn and Tomatoes (The Year in Food)

File the first item in this Gardenista post under "List of things that are so clever, I am sort of thinking about buying them now even though I don't have a house yet and probably won't for an age." It's a long list.

Speaking of houses, I'd have to be an entirely different human being to live in this Art Deco House in England, but, ohmygoodness, I want to be that person. Even if it means banishing clutter from my life. (Remodelista)

These Earrings. (Ann Taylor via Girls of a Certain Age)

Long live the 80's! If the 80's look like this, that is. (The Sartorialist)

During my freshman year of college, the lilacs bloomed the very last week of school. One afternoon, I was antsy from studying, and I went to the lilac bush behind the administration building and cut down a whole armful of lilacs. (The school was literally in the woods, so I could steal from the bushes pretty easily without being seen.) I arranged them in my pencil cup, filled it with water, and put it in the center of my desk. My roommate had a tizzy--allergies, rule breaking, the overwhelming fragrance--but it hardly mattered because the lilacs died within a day!  I do not have the magic touch. (Project Wedding via Frolic!)

How Wes Anderson Soundtracks His Movies. (NPR)

"I had no idea they had autotune in 1922" and other reactions to the trailer for Baz Luhrman's 3D adaptation of The Great Gatsby. (Vanity Fair)

The difference between supper and dinner. Followed by perhaps the strangest advice question I've ever read. (Miss Manners)

The Elizabeth Lemon Cake. (Domestology)

I love it when photographers I follow visit my city. It helps me see DC in a new way! (Blue Pool Road)

Terry Teachout muses about why there aren't more musician protagonists in novels, and I receive further confirmation that I must read Lucky Jim. (WSJ)

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


  1. Miss Manners' definitions of supper and dinner are still adhered to in the monastery where I lived for over two years. The sisters have their main meal, dinner, at midday and a light supper in the evening. Without pre-snacking, of course.

  2. The coconut rice salad looks good, I might have to make a few adjustments but I think my husband and I would like it. Thanks for sharing.