May 11, 2012

Clippings: Somewhat-Mom-Themed

I sure hope you're celebrating Mother's Day this weekend. Because moms rock. I am not celebrating, per say, since mi madre es in California. But I am teaching a bunch of Mom's how to make strawberry jam for their kiddos. And I wouldn't know how to make jam if it weren't for my awesome Mom. I am super nervous, because I have never taught anyone anything before, let alone anything involved boiling pots of sugar/juice/fruit. But I also know it will be super fun. (And if you are in the DC area, and interested in learning about making jam, let me know: I'd love to teach a class for you! The berries and the stone fruit are the easiest fruits to start with, and their seasons are nigh! )

If my mom wasn't in California, I'd make her this for supper: Pasta | Roast Chicken | Brownies

The Paris Review has done a marvelous job of pulling together colors inspired by many of literature's greatest figures. The violet of Eliot's Waste Land. The green of the Limpopo River in Kipling's fables. Lysistrata's saffron silk.  Check them out: 1 | 2

"Charity believes all things. The good you see in people may not be the whole truth about them, but it is true. So start there, and make a fuss over it until it turns into something more." --Simcha's learned wisdom from her Mother and thankfully passing it on to us!

In Canada, they sell these wind-up paper butterflies, that burst out of envelopes fluttering delightfully. I have never seen them here in the US, but I got one one Easter from a Canadian gentleman who subsequently joined the Franciscans. Whether I was not for him or he not for me, I'm not entirely sure. But I loved the butterfly. And now, here's how to make them! (You Are My Fave)

Can we just take a moment and bask in the glory that is the Fug Girls Coverage of The Met Ball. Been having a blast all week long! Best dressed clearly goes to Coco Rocha, because, if you can't wear a yellow-bejeweled-evening-pajama-set-and-pink-top-originally-worn-by-Elizabeth-Taylor to the Met Ball, where can you wear it?

The Man Who Killed Hats or, why I don't actually care that Ike's Memorial is ugly (though I guess I'm glad it's being redesigned because I don't like ugly things in my town). (NPR via Lewis WaPo, DCist)

"It might sound audacious to say that one bookstore devised a strategy to counter the long reach of Amazon. But it’s no more audacious than Amazon’s conviction in 1999 that you could sell books over the Internet." - The Harvard Bookstore, covered in Forbes (via Hepburn)

Licorice Fights Diabetes! Yes! My favorite candy has superpowers. (The Atlantic)

The Historical (Biblical) Job (First Thoughts)

10 salts you need to know.  Need is not too strong a word here. (Food 52)

Speaking of Jam, today is the Feast of St. Pontius, which, Birthday-Boy Mr. Newton informs me is a day when we celebrate bee-keepers and herbalists.  In Barcelona the street fairs sell wonderful homemade products--jams, jellies, honey, herbs, etc. etc. Now I know when I am going to visit Barcelona. In honor of the great St. Pontius (who I will clearly have to look up, because I know nothing about him), I am declaring a:
Now 50% off! 
The sale will extend through the weekend. Shop Jams by Mags!

Photo: my iPhone, using VSCO Cam app.

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