May 02, 2012

Books I Didn't Buy this Weekend

I seem incapable of going into a bookstore and leaving empty-handed. I did buy a number of books (cookbooks, mostly) this weekend. But here were a few I passed up.  The only thing that stopped me? I would have had to carry them all around the city, all weekend long.

36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the US and Canada // by the Editors of the New York Times // $25 // This is one of my favorite Times columns, and I was super tempted--especially since it is so fun visually. When I buy a car, I think I'll just keep this, along with my atlas, and camping blanket, in the trunk, ready for any adventure.

MIXT Salads // by Andrew Swallow // $18 // I am not usually one for cookbooks dedicated to things as easy to prepare and fun to riff on as Salads. But he has great information about the greens, and how to care for them, and wonderful, inventive combinations. Also, "Swallow" is basically the perfect surname for a chef.  (Photo source.)

Pilgrimage // by Annie Liebowitz // $30 // If this cover photo of Niagara Falls isn't enough to get you interested in Pilgrimage, then I don't know what will. Liebowitz has long been heralded for her portraiture, but this book, her first using entirely digital cameras, had a different agenda. The subjects are the homes and places dearly loved by some of America's heroes of arts and letters.  Though many of the figures (Thoreau, Emerson, Georgia O'Keefe) are not the least bit interesting to me, I was struck by the photography. She describes the book as an exercise in renewal. "It taught me to see again."

Fish: Recipes from the Sea // by the editors of Phaidon, with illustrations by Katie Scott // $26 // This gorgeous book was inspired by the popular Phaidon bible of Italian cooking, The Silver Spoon. But it, luckily, is much easier to manage in size and scope.

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