April 24, 2012

Tuesday Clippings

This is what happens when you take a few days off.  You have a full "clippings" post before you even blink.  Well, I'll post it today because I am traveling later this week and may not make a post on Friday. We'll see.

Bodega Bay is known for little in the minds of tourists besides being the iconic location of The Birds. But it is one of my favorite places to visit when I am home. The Wine Muse provides a guide.

I agree 100% with this piece about Gender Reveal parties:
That’s the nature of manufactured customs and instant traditions. They emerge from an atomized society in order to fill a perceived void where real ceremonies used to be, and they end by reflecting that society’s narcissism. Is it too much to say that gender-reveal parties are a mild symptom of cultural despair? A society that turns exercise into a sixty-minute communion with the sacred, or the choice of food into the highest expression of personal virtue, has probably lost faith in real change—the kind of change, for example, that might allow the staggering number of ex-felons to rejoin it with a degree of dignity. 

Or, perhaps I should say, 90%. The conclusion diagnoses the problem well ("invented rituals that proliferate in our culture signify a disenchantment with modernity") but doesn't go far enough. The proper conclusion is to examine why we need rituals at all. (The New Yorker via pourbrew)

Do you know what the world's most expensive vegetable is?  It is one of my favorites! (Food & Think, via R)

Edward's Virginia Hams are the best hams I've ever tasted, by the way. (Garden & Gun)

Here's a nice sketch of how to make-ahead meals for the week using whole foods and careful but not complicated planning.  Also, it mentions Roast Chicken. And I love Roast Chicken. (Food 52)

Further proof that Gothic Cathedrals are the highest expressions of man's search for God through art: ceilings. (Laughing Squid via Sidecar)

Perfect summer dresses by Anna Allen (via Frolic!)

New DC Guides from a local wedding stationer: Eat | Drink | Visit (Oh So Beautiful Paper)

Colors & Flavors of Spring: purple and green pilaf adapted from one of my favorite Nigel Slater recipes. (Nicole Franzen)

What's the difference between Art and Entertainment? (Humane Pursuits)

DC Farmer's Markets now have Asparagus! and Strawberries! and Spring onions! and Ramps!  Visit one today. Or tomorrow. Or Thursday. (Fresh Farm Markets)

Looking for a Summer Hat? (Vogue)

Look into the Baroque at the National GalleryWSJ reviews.  (Also their Japanese screen exhibit, Colorful Realism, is open after hours and closes Sunday.)

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