April 04, 2012

Holy Week: Shadows and Swings and Snow

For Holy Week, I'm sharing a few photos from my most recent black and white roll of film. The film is from six weeks ago--the very early part of spring and the beginning days of Lent. We've exploded into blossoms and color by now.  Have our souls?  Are we ready for the coming of the Lord's Passion and Resurrection? I'm not. So, I've paired them with a few poems and quotes for these final days of Lent. 

Ostriches never fly, hens fly sometimes but clumsily and not very high, but eagles, doves and swallows soar upwards swiftly and frequently. In the same way sinners never fly towards God but travel on the earth seeking only earthly things. Those who are good but not yet devout do fly sometimes on the wings of good deeds, but slowly and ungracefully. Those who are devout soar on high to God frequently and readily.

- St Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life

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