April 26, 2012

Jam Sessions: A Perfect Cheeseboard

Isn't this just about the prettiest cheese board you've ever seen?  I just had to show it off.  My sister made this for our Easter dinner, and she did such a lovely job.

The black cheese is the marvelous ashed rind Italian cheese called Carboncino (review). It can be purchased at Grape + Bean in Alexandria, VA. (I would assume any good cheese shop in your region would carry it, just call ahead. It can certainly be ordered by any good shop.)

Next to it is a classic Comté Cheese strong and sweet and dense. Then a bowl of olives and capers.  (My goddaughter, recently turned one, could not get enough of these. I think she would have slurped up the bowl of brine, had her mother let her.)  The bowl was made by Sarah Coffin, by the way, and is one of my favorites.

And last but not least, a dish of my Red Wine Jelly. I was writing up a promo about my Red Wine Jelly the other day, and it occurred to me, I have yet to find a cheese this jelly doesn't go with. It pairs well with everything.

Photo: Mine, from Instagram

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