April 06, 2012

Holy Week: Tree

For Holy Week, I'm sharing a few photos from my most recent black and white roll of film. The film is from six weeks ago--the very early part of spring and the beginning days of Lent. We've exploded into blossoms and color by now.  Have our souls?  Are we ready for the coming of the Lord's Passion and Resurrection? I'm not. So, I've paired them with a few poems and quotes for these final days of Lent.

From "The Dream of the Rood"

Then best wood spoke these words:
"It was long since--I yet remember it--
that I was hewn at holt's end,
moved from my stem. Strong fiends seized me there,30
worked me for spectacle; curs├Ęd ones lifted me [ 6 ].
On shoulders men bore me there, then fixed me on hill;
fiends enough fastened me. Then saw I mankind's Lord
come with great courage when he would mount on me.
Then dared I not against the Lord's word35
bend or break, when I saw earth's
fields shake. All fiends
I could have felled, but I stood fast.
The young hero stripped himself--he, God Almighty--
strong and stout-minded. He mounted high gallows,40
bold before many, when he would loose mankind.
I shook when that Man clasped me. I dared, still, not bow to earth,
fall to earth's fields, but had to stand fast.
Rood was I reared. I lifted a mighty King,
Lord of the heavens, dared not to bend.

(Read the whole poem here.)

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