April 03, 2012

Holy Week: Grass

For Holy Week, I'm sharing a few photos from my most recent black and white roll of film. The film is from six weeks ago--the very early part of spring and the beginning days of Lent. We've exploded into blossoms and color by now.  Have our souls?  Are we ready for the coming of the Lord's Passion and Resurrection? I'm not. So, I've paired them with a few poems and quotes for these final days of Lent. 

“One has never achieved complete faith. Faith has to be lived again and again in life and in suffering, as well as in the great joys that God sends us. It is never something that I can put in my pocket like a coin ... The essence of faith is that I do not meet with something that has been thought up, but that here something meets me that is greater than anything we can think of for ourselves . . . The Christian faith brings us consolation, that God is so great that he can become small. And that is actually for me the unexpected and previously inconceivable greatness of God, that he is able to bow down so low. That he himself really enters into a man, no longer merely disguises himself in him so that he can later put him aside and put on another garment, but that he becomes this man. It is just in this that we actually see the truly infinite nature of God, for this is more powerful, more inconceivable than anything else, and at the same time more saving. . . This very God, who has the power to realize love in such a way that he himself is present in a man, that he is there and introduces himself to us, that he associates himself with us, is exactly what we need in order to escape from having to live to the end with fragments and half-truths.”
— Pope Benedict XVI, God and the World

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