April 12, 2012

Dominican Pontifical Faculty Spring Gala

Working for the Church, as I do, I get 3 days off around Easter: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Monday.  But this year, I didn't veer too far from the office.  In fact, I work for the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies, in Washington. And this year, luckily for me, I attended all the Triduum services at the House of Studies.  And it was sublime.

There is, of course, great drama in the liturgies surrounding Easter, and as an Order, the Dominicans carry their own little traditions--a three-part procession to venerate the Cross on Good Friday, a solemn Tenebrae service, the whipping off of their "cappas" (the habit's black cape) as the time of mourning ends (right before the Gloria during the Easter Vigil). 

But what struck me most, and what strikes me every day, is how lucky we are to have these men. There are 45 men in formation here at the House of Studies, most of them my peers, or a few years younger, and they are boldly following the call of Christ, to serve our Church.  They have committed themselves (daily!) to spreading the Gospel and being faithful to Christ. To think that they will be baptizing our children, teaching our future priests, serving in the Vatican, writing and teaching theology: it's just incredible to see them now and know these good men will continue the "Springtime of the Church." 

They are good men. Faithful, funny, intelligent, deeply caring men who are already learning the habit of service. How did we get to be so lucky?

It seems to me that as peers, especially, we are suited to support these men in their work, since we will be walking in the Church along with them, and ask them to lead us. The Gala directly supports their education, and it offers an opportunity to socialize with them in a non-liturgical setting--so people can come to know these incredible men.

I don't often talk about my work for the House of Studies, but today I want to make a little personal appeal. Next Friday is our 2nd Annual Dominican Pontifical Faculty Spring Gala, and I would love you to come! Attending the liturgies is nice-indeed very nice--but at this event you will have the chance to meet all our students (Dominican and otherwise), and share in wonderful food, fellowship and festivity. There is a silent auction featuring work of local and Dominican artists, and well as handmade quilts, and tickets to different DC cultural events. And, best of all, we close the evening with the praying of Compline in the chapel. There is no lovelier way to spend the evening, nor pleasanter company.

Join us, won't you?

2nd Annual Dominican Pontifical Faculty Spring Gala
Friday, April 20
6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Individual Tickets are $100, $125 at the door.
$50 for young professionals and graduate students under the age of 35.

Register online, or my calling (202) 495-3828


  1. It's been a few years (since I had my boys) since I've been back to the Dominican House for the Easter Vigil. It's a cherished memory, and we hope to go back next year. One of our parish members just got ordained! I see in some of your pics my sister and her children who were there this Holy Saturday. Jews say "Next year in Jerusalem" I say "Next Easter the Dominican House." This gala sounds wonderful...we'll have to consider it!

  2. Oh wonderful! I say this year Dominican House! :)