April 10, 2012


My mother loves dogwoods. In fact, my mother's two favorite flowers are the two things that really really don't grow well in Napa: dogwoods and peonies. She insisted on trying, though, and so we had a little ragged dogwood next to the front steps to our house in Napa.  It tried so hard every spring to grow a little taller. And its petals were the softest pink. But they often burnt out in the warm late-spring sun.  

Here in Virginia, there are dogwoods everywhere, spreading their branches in a dome under taller, later-leafing trees.  Some of them look like a lacy dome. Others stand tall, looking like an art nouveau frieze. And there are so many colors!  The first ones to bloom are the green ones, then the pinks--some a deep rose and others light and pale like apple-blossoms. Needless to say, I take lots of pictures to share with Mom.

And often during Holy Week, the red and white dogwoods bloom.  There is a long tradition associating them with the cross of Christ--the red in the petals signify the four wounds from the nails of the Cross, and the center cluster signifies the crown of thorns.  This year they bloomed right before Palm Sunday. 

And yesterday, as I was walking home from adoration, I noticed the pure white Dogwoods have reached their peak. 

Bless the Lord, mountains and hills;
all growing things, bless the Lord.
Bless the Lord, seas and rivers;
springs and fountains, bless the Lord.

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  1. My mother loves Dogwoods, too. They are her favorite, mainly because of the symbolism. I enjoyed your gorgeous pictures!