April 24, 2012

A Day of Rest

Guys: The gala went so well!  Thank you for all your prayers! It was a long day full of hard work, but so so worth it.

And the next day I discovered one of those truths about leisure: it is so much more restful and rejuvenating when you actually have worked really hard. (I know: News Flash!) I went to the farmer's market (and bought asparagus! and strawberries!). When I got home, I gathered my fat copy of the complete Narnia, and my favorite flannel blanket, and just sat in the dappled sunlight for nearly six hours, reading, thinking, trying to doze off. Every now and then I'd venture back upstairs to grab a bunch of strawberries, or the last of Easter's hard-boiled eggs. 

The temperature was perfect, but the weather changing: big, billowy grey clouds would pass over from time to time, and I, convinced the promised rainstorm was finally approaching, would weigh the only truly important question of the afternoon: should I pack up and go it, or should I stay out till it really does start raining. 

It didn't end up raining till dinner time. Blessed relief.

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