April 13, 2012

Catch-Up Clippings

Guys: I am in book heaven right now.  Last week I got the new Toon Tellengren book, Far Away Across the Sea (review forthcoming on LLB). And this week, Nigel Slater's long anticipated Ripe, about his fruit garden (a followup to the excellent Tender) is on its way. I re-opened Tender last week while I was planning for Easter (above), and found myself an hour later knowing everything about growing and cultivating potatoes, and wondering how many I'd have to grow to make every potato recipe in the book. I expect to be planning a orchard very soon...

Moby, the DJ, is also a connoisseur of Los Angeles Architecture and a pretty good photographer, to boot. (via For Me, For You)

I know we are squarely in Spring now, and maple is a decidedly winter flavor to me, but all the same, I am obsessed with these maple recipes from the most recent contest on Food 52. The ice cream is being made this weekend. And that duck! The winner of the contest made a pork shoulder with maple and garlic, that I wish I had seen before I made Easter Dinner.

New career goal: stand outside in the sun all day long and cook, using one of these spiffy portable kitchens.  Ok?  ok. (Remodelista)

Fr. James Martin on blog commentators. (America, via everyone)

This looks like basically the best lunch ever. I am so ready for simple, elegant flavors now that I've od'ed on chocolate.  (Canal House)

All politics aside, I think we can safely say that Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard is beautiful. (Remodelista)

With the mostly sunny early spring there are some real dangers for summer crops--especially of the fruit variety. If a frost happens while the trees are still in bloom, one can loose a lot of their crop.  Well, luckily my favorite orchard (Kunh, in Lancaster County, PA) has been safe--in spite of some freak snow and hail. And they even posted a fun youtube video matching blossoms to their corresponding fruit.

I've basically been listening to Kate Miss' new HARMONY mix nonstop. Check it out. It's perfection. Ava, the first track you will love love love. (For Me For You)

This to-do list made me giggle. (Sacred Mokeys of the Vatican)

Miss Moss has dug up some more vintage Life Magazine photos, this time of girls in the 40s in NYC. What struck me was how charming and modern all their looks would be today. In fact, look #4 is basically my summer wardrobe. (Miss Moss)

If you follow magazines, and like surveys (I do! I do!) you might like Amazon's fun "Best Cover of the Year" survey.  The food selection was really hard, guys. That sandwich issue of Savuer had me craving sandwiches for a month.  But in the end I had to go with the stunning cover from Flavor magazine, of a blue crab.  When it came in the mail, my jaw dropped. And it is emblematic of the magazine: beautiful perspective on cuisine local to the Chesapeake Watershed.  Help ensure the future of this great magazine by voting for it's cover today! (Amazon)

By the way, did you notice: the bees were back in the exsultet!  So so great. They particularly struck me this time because my sister's friend is cultivating bees, so much of our conversation over the weekend was about them and how to collect pollen and wax and everything else. Pretty darn awesome, those bees.  But besides that, the poetry of the exsultet is really quite astounding. (First Things)

Finally: you can follow my Instagram feed now! I mostly take pictures of flowers and food. I make no apologies for this. Flowers and food are daily joys.


  1. Delightful clippings! I'm sooo happy the bees are back! I have been bemoaning their loss for years! I had loved that a few years back one of the Deacons, now priest, at Dominican House used the Dominican version of the Exsultet which included the bees! Now the bees are universal.

    Love the pictures of the Alice Waters food garden. You put that so perfectly "all politics aside". Love Alice Waters work. It is amazing. Hate the politics.