March 08, 2012

Visiting: Dumbarton Oaks in the Spring

You may recall my Thanksgiving jaunt through Dumbarton Oaks. Yesterday Stearns and I went back to see it in the early throes of Spring. Not much is even budding yet--so one can see the bare structure of the Garden. It is as stunning as I remember.

A few highlights: Above, this mess of golden brambles is actually a huge pile of forsythia vines. Just a few were starting to bud, but perhaps if you visit in a week they'll be flowering and glorious.  (They were pretty glorious even without the brilliant flowers.)  On the far East side of the garden there is a meadow filled with crocuses and that little blue flower no one remembers the name of. There are several brilliantly blooming Tulip and Star Magnolias (first picture, above)--and their gardenia like scent is intoxicating.  And, we cannot forget the alley of cherry trees (last picture, below).

I took film photos as well, so you'll be seeing more of Dumbarton soon.  (Visit before the 15th and its free!)

Dumbarton Oaks
31st and R Sts. NW
Open 2-6pm Tues-Sun
Free from Nov. 1 to March 14, $8 from March 15 to Oct. 31
The Gardens at Dumbarton Oaks are not stroller or wheelchair accessible.

(Photos, taken with iPhone, by Margaret Perry)

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  1. You take good photos with your iPhone! Maybe I can make it there this Sunday, God willing . . .