March 27, 2012

Pope Benedict in Mexico and Cuba

Oh, these photos of the Pope in Mexico just warm my heart so much.  I love how vibrant and living their love for the Faith is. I mean, they all dressed in the colors of the Vatican, white and gold! And they cheer at the drop of a hat.  (Or sombrero, in this case!) The video below shows an impromptu exchange between the Holy Father and a large crowd gathered in front of his residence at the end of his trip.  Listen to the crowd's wonderful reaction:

Here's a translation of some of what he said:

“I have made many trips, and I have never been received with so much enthusiasm...Now I can say that Mexico will always be in my heart...For many years I have prayed for Mexico, but now I will do so much more...I can see why John Paul II said, ‘Now I feel like a Mexican Pope!

“I feel very good being with you, but you must understand that I have another trip tomorrow to Cuba. I must withdraw, but I give you my blessing.

“Buenos Noches!”

And speaking of Cuba: you can read the two addresses he has made so far in Cuba here.  They are incredible. Also, check out this film by DC filmmaker Jordan Allot: Oscar's Cuba.

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