March 26, 2012

The Pleasures of Forgetting to Set an Alarm

You wake up with the sun on your face, instead of in the dark.

Your shower is just the right temperature, because the rest of the building has used up the scalding hot water.

You miss your bus, and so you put on your favorite boots, and walk.

You realize it's too pretty outside to worry about your to-do-list.

You get to see the last red bud (below), a perfect dogwood (above), and the first lilac (below).

You see kids reciting their multiplication tables as they run to catch their school bus.

You don't have time to make breakfast, so you treat yourself to Pain au Chocolat. (It is a Feast day!)

You arrive at work fully awake, and ready to take on the week.

Photos, mine, from iPhone. Edited using TiltShiftGenerator.

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