March 28, 2012

Pink and Purple Easter

Guys, as Myrna and I were putting away all our Christmas decorations last year, I was looking at all the pale pink and purple candle stubs left over from old Advent wreathes, and wondered what in heavens name to do with them.  And then it occurred to me: why not incorporate them into your Easter decorations?  This seems terribly fitting--the candles we lit to prepare our hearts for the coming of the Lord are also the candles we light to celebrate his triumphant return in glory.  I love this.

We happen to have a lot of blue easter eggs (above our rubber band eggs from last year), so I'll stick with the pinks and purples this year. Perhaps make some paper flowers. And as for flowers, I think Hyacinths will do nicely: they're in season, and decidedly the right colors.

What are you doing for Easter?

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