March 13, 2012

Online Magazines Update: Welcome Wayfare!

This spring I have been quite happily surprised by the more recent issues of Rue, Lonny, and Sweet Paul, not to mention the stunning new recruit: Wayfare.

I'm still not sure what I think about the whole online-magazine phenomenon. I am always surprised that even on my huge computer screen at the office, they are hard to read. (Do the designers never look at it on a regular computer screen?) On the other hand, I have quit all my subscriptions to printed home-design magazines, because these online-mags are just as inspiring, and they free, and, more to the point, they are online, which means I don't have another pile of papers to sort through.

It seems to me that these online magazines, though they use a new innovative formats, they are still operating under the rubrics of in-print home design magazines. I find the clearly articulate vision of in-print (but small-production) magazines like Remedy, Kinfolk, and Anthology more interesting in the long run. I haven't wanted to go back and re-read any of the online magazines yet, but I revisit my copy of Kinfolk vol 2 every time I have a spare moment and a cup of hot coffee.

That might change with this recent Sweet Paul. With the exception of the first Kinfolk, I'd say it's the best issue of any online magazine yet. You'll see more from it later this week. Anyway, for online inspiration, and a nice break this afternoon, do check out the most recent issues of these magazines: WayfareRueLonny, and Sweet Paul.  (Photo from Wayfare.)

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