March 28, 2012

A Non-Traditional Polish Easter Basket

I have always wanted to pull together a traditional Polish Easter basket, and bring it to some Easter feast or make from it the most marvelous midnight snack.  Then I started thinking how fun it would be to do a twist on the traditional Polish Easter basket--with some items that evoke the original items without being entirely literal.  So here you have it: a non-traditional Polish Easter basket. (thanks, Victoria, for the original link!)

Butter // French butter dish // $26

Sausage + Bacon + Ham // Bruce Aidell's Complete Book of Pork // $20

Eggs // Shortbread Egg Cookies // $18

Salt // Natural and Infused Sea Salts // $8-$20

Bread // Easter Bread // homemade from Bon Appetit

Horseradish // Onion Awesomeness // $10 (ok, so it's not horseradish! but it's bold! and tangy!)

Cheese //  Eat More Cheese Lino-print //  $5

Candle // Beeswax thin tapers // $20 for 12

Linen cloth // 2012 Linen Calendar Tea Towel // $22

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