March 08, 2012

Meatless Meals: Variations on Grilled Cheese

Did I ever tell you that I ate a grilled cheese sandwich every day for an entire school year.  I'm really not exaggerating. My senior year of college, I just couldn't take the horrible drivel they offered, so I ate a grilled cheese sandwich ate least every lunch.  (I also ate vegetables and salads! I'm not crazy!)  Now that I think of it, it is pretty embarrassing. I'm sorry I've admitted this publicly.

But I do love a good grilled cheese sandwich. I make mine with butter (not mayo), and love trying to come up with new, flavorful combinations.  When you want to use an extraordinary cheese (blues, bries, etc.) I find that unless you have a panini press--where heat and pressure are combined for a perfect sandwich--you should mix it with a little mild, easily melted cheese like provolone, mozzarella, or jack.

Here are some of my favorite combinations:

+ Olive bread with roasted red peppers, mayo, and chevre.
+ clearly tomato and cheddar is a classic--use the best sourdough you can find.
+ blue cheese and pear on a tuscan loaf
+ apple with cheddar and tarragon or sage
+ extra-sharp english cheddar with onion marmalade (or any chutney) on rye.
+ Ricotta and fresh garden greens and pickled beets on multigrain
+ wheat bread with mustard, any white cheese, and fried onions (now available from TJs!)

What are your favorites?

Ps. A grilled cheese sandwich bar would be great fun for a friday evening dinner party. Have all the different options out and see what variations people come up with!
Pps. I cannot bear to post to pasta dishes in a row for the meatless meals, which is why did not make all 5 of these baked pasta dishes last night.  But, lordy, I wanted to. 
Ppps. the perfect plate for grilled cheese and soup.

Photo, mine, from iPhone.

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  1. I love the grilled cheese for a whole year story. Our college cafeteria food was pretty good, but the panini press line was still always very long!