March 30, 2012

Lots and Lots of Clippings!

This will be my last clippings post for a couple of weeks.  Next week I am posting only photos and meditations on the Passion. Then I'll be taking a little break for the Easter Holiday. Actually, you can expect it will be light posting for quite a few weeks, as our Gala approaches, and I have less and less time for folding my laundry, let alone blogging.

THIS SOUNDS LIKE A plot right out of a movie, but Mark Landis has donated forged paintings to museums in over 20 states, openly admits to what he is doing, and yet, has never been arrested.  And now, in a fine twist, the University of Cincinnati is hosting an exhibit featuring his forgeries (to open April 1st). That is some April Fools Joke! (Yahoo! News via DN)

THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH hours in the day or monies in the purse for all these options on this DC spring food agenda.  (Brightest Young Things)  And speaking of DC, I really loved this little love letter to our fair and frustrating city. (Thought Catalog)

THE EMBROIDERED ROBES OF St. Thomas a Becket. (The Textile Blog)

I ALWAYS THINK CALIFORNIA is a really colorful place. I mean that literally: when I think of home I think of the golden hills and the dusky deep green oaks, and the blue blue bay, and the bright magenta bougainvillea, and the green green grape vines. So I was surprised by these gorgeous black and white prints of photographs of California--by stripping away the color, photographer Kelly Lynn Jones has captured something intangible and wonderful about the California I love.  (Little Paper Planes)

I WOULDN'T EXPECT YOU to know the name Alan Lomax. Great lover of folk music that I am, I hardly know anything about him and the 50 years he spent recording the people and the music of Appalachia. Now, Alan Lomax's appalachian folk music archive is online.  I doubt I'll ever really be able to explore its depths, but, boy, I'm glad someone will. (NPR)

THE WAPO PEEPS CONTEST is one of my very favorite things.  Some great entries this year. (Washington Post)

I MISSED THE BLOSSOMS at the Tidal Basin this year. But, thankfully, Sidecar sent me this gorgeous video of the cherry blossoms. All you who don't live in DC, think of it as your invitation for coming to visit next year!

IN OUR CHILDHOOD HOME, Dad removed all the sliding closet doors.  I don't rightly know why--that is, I can't remember. I think they were heavy oak sliding doors, and just too much for us kids. I still really really hate sliding closet doors. So, I am filing this brilliant built-in-cabinet DIY away for the future. (Design*Sponge)

THE COURTIER EXAMINES DAVINCI'S use of blue. (Blog of the Courtier)

SINCE MY PLANS TO GO to Italy this fall are falling through, I really have the travel bug. In the immortal words of Liz Lemon: I want to go to there. (Though, really, anywhere. I am not particular.) (Wayfare)

"YOU CHILDREN WRITE ILLITERATE letters," says James Thurber. (Letters of Note)  Too bad Belloc didn't write a Cautionary Tale about that! (Crisis)

I SIMPLY LOVE THIS edible poster. (Crosshatchiling)

REST IN PEACE, Earl Scruggs:

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