March 16, 2012

Clippings: St. Patrick's Day, and Other Delights

Oh my goodness, without having a winter at all, we just jumped straight into summer.  It's crazy sauce.  And I cannot remember how to dress, and I definitely don't have any sandals to wear, but I'm not sure it's really appropriate to wear sandals right now, anyway... (Am I conforming to East Coast standards? Oh no!) Have a grand, grand spring/holiday weekend!

Guinness Float with Coffee Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Salty Peanuts and Chocolate Syrup (above, by The Jewels of New York) and Potato Bread Bread Pudding with guinness glaze (Nectar).

+ Aw, sad: Encyclopedia Britannica is no longer printing. (Though we were always a World Book Family.) I remember distinctly one evening my second year out of college wondering about something obscure. I asked Curry, and she didn't know the answer, so we were stuck (we didn't have working internet), and I thought to myself: how do people find these things out before the internet? Then I remembered the long shelf of World Books greeting us kids every time we walked up the stairs. (Media Decoder, via Pourbrew)

+ You all have seen The King of California, so I don't need to tell you where California gets it's name.  Right? Because you really should see the movie.  Michael Douglas at his crazy finest. (Hot Word)

+ The continuing relevance of William Morris. (The Textile Blog)

+ Brian Ferry has some compelling thoughts on photographing food: 1 | 2 | 3

+ I'm kind of obsessed with this agate iPhone case. But, $50?! (Net-a-Porter)

+ I know nothing about March Madness, and the one time I filled out a legitimate bracket in a contest, I just put in the Zags to win it all, because it's the only team I have any allegiance to. (Even if they'll never go all the way. I'm used to that. I'm an A's fan.)  BUT. I love all the other March Madness themed items, especially: Garden & Gun's Southern Food Bracket--which is pure silliness; DRAFT's Beer Bracket (which raises money for charities chosen by the micro-breweries in the competition--brilliant!); and most-hilarious of all, GFY's Fug Madness. Don't miss the madness!

+ More brilliance from Letters of Note: I Like Words

+ Have you ever seen the endpapers for The Velveteen Rabbit's original edition?  They are gorgeous.  I really really love this book. (via Oh Joy's Pinterest)

+ Entertaining this weekend?  Here's my recipe for the quickest, easiest roast chicken recipe ever. If you don't have preserved lemons, you can always stuff the skin with thyme, or rosemary, or olives, or garlic, or harissa, or sun-dried tomatoes, anything.  Ok...not pate.

And let's not forget:

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  1. I know what you mean about knowing how to dress. I've worn jeans more in the past month than I have in the previous 11!