March 23, 2012

Clippings: Hark! It's Spring!

Suddenly everything is blooming.  If the Forsythia and the dogwoods are blooming at the same time...It's going to be a short spring, I think. Today I am wearing linen. I know I really shouldn't until May, but damn, it's hot. Linen is the only thing that'll do.

I AM SO excited about the Pope's trip to Mexico and Cuba. When I read The Light of the World I was blown away by the diversity of the Church. I think in America we tend to think very highly of our selves and our practice of the faith--partially because we have such a euro-centric mindset. But goodness, Mexico, and South America have just as much (maybe more) euro-influenced culture--and they have such vibrant, public, joyful faith--and it is something the Holy Father is very much aware of. Clearly Mexico has its own horrible problems with violence and the drug mafia (if that is even the right world) and being Catholic in Cuba has been difficult, to say the least, so his trip will be fascinating, and hopefully a time of healing and grace.  Keep updated at Zenit and Catholic World Report.

GATHERING ALL ACROSS the United States, people are standing up for Religious Freedom--right now. I hope, if you are not able to attend a rally, you'll be with us in prayer.

THE NATIONAL GALLERY has recently re-launched its website--or, more precisely, it's online archives. The site is wonderful, and easy to use. It brings 20,000 "open access" images from our National collections to the public.  Check it out!

MISS MANNERS WAS spot on this week. First she tells a jeweler how to deal with greedy brides (a little bit of The Jeweler's Shop here). Then she gives a little lesson on gratitude (last letter). (Washington Post)

WHAT IS LENT without a little Dante? (Dominicana)

NEXT ON THE list of careers Maggie does not want: cookbook ghostwriter. (NY Times)

SLOTH IS THE overlooked of the seven deadly sins. It's funny, considering how high-paced city life is, but I think this is perhaps the most prevalent vice of our culture today.  Maybe prevalent is not right--but it is certainly the most overlooked vice. Msgr. Charles Pope wrote a marvelous examination of sloth that is well worth the read. (Archdiocese of Washington blog)

HAVE YOU EVER wondered how George Clooney, George W. Bush, Jack Nicholson, Simon Cowell, and Jimmy Stewart would sound in a Shakespeare play?  Well, now you know. (Wimp)

AS MUCH AS I love Pasta Carbonara, I just can't imagine using 7 egg yolks in a pasta dish... (Bon Appetit)

THIS WAS THE hardest Go Fug Yourself contest yet.  Goodness, I am not sure how much more fuggery I can take.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: A history of the English language: My favorite line (speaking of the Hundred Years War against France) "It actually lasted one hundred and sixteen years, but by then no one could count any higher in French, so the switched back to English."

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  1. I'm going to visit your blog more often, because it is just so JUICY and DELICIOUS! And I don't just mean jam.

    The BBC had excellent coverage of the Holy Father's visit to Mexico. (I started listening to BBC when we got a new vehicle with satellite radio..... Their programming is incredible—articulate, insightful, objective, interesting...) Not to ramble....