March 09, 2012

Clippings: Canned Seafood, Tulips, and Lord Grantham, Man of Honor

Last night I joined my sister, her roommate, and some friends from college for a Caps game. It's the first hockey game I've been too in ages, and I'm not entirely sure why. They are so fun! The Caps are especially fun because, unlike the Nationals, everyone there is actually a fan of the home team. The entire stadium was wearing red. And they were wild. At the close of the second period, the Lighting we ahead, 2-1, and the crowd (and the Caps) we mad. We got to see some great offense (and were luckily on the right side to see). With four minutes to go, the Caps tied the game, and then scored the winning goal halfway through over-time. I think I am still hoarse. And I hardly got any sleep, I was so full of adrenaline. I should have walked home from the Verizon Center.

+ I recently discovered this series of photographs and interviews called Real Rural California--done by Lisa M. Hamilton. They are wonderful, and I need to really dive in and read them all.

+ I cannot wait for the trends from the Fall 2012 fashion shows trickle down to my price range (haha!). You know why? RED DRESSES FOR ALL! (Miss Moss)

+ This is an awesome interview of a man who cuts lettering into stone (for headpieces, memorials, churches, etc.). Seeing interviews like this--of artisans who have a particular, important, and distinctive trade--is one of my favorite things about the Internet. (I Love Typography)

+ What does a famous blind and deaf woman have to say about visiting the top of the Empire State Building? A lot, actually. (Letters of Note, of course.)

+ Mr. Newton has a great piece on the price of tulips. (Blog of the Courtier)

+ If you're stuck for dinner tonight, Food52 has gotten a lenten bug, and is sourcing recipes for canned fish. Lots of great ideas here.

+ Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Priest. (Hoover Inst. via First Thoughts)

+ Tony Esolen on Estrogen, Testosterone, Baseball, and Contraception (Public Discourse)

+ I want to explore the site Art House America--so far this post on Commonplace Cathedrals: The Architecture of Hospitality has me thinking... "The Monastery of San Esteban spoke of transcendence. The McDonald’s spoke of anxiety. But I wondered, could a space speak of rest, reconciliation, and homecoming? Could there be an architecture of hospitality?"

A final note: I promised I wouldn't post on Downton Abbey again, but J wrote an awesome piece yesterday that I simply had to draw your attention to. He soundly critiques the narrow-minded critics (and with delightful turns-of-phrase) (is that the proper plural?). And he has a few things to say about my abandonment of Lord Grantham. For the record, I agree completely with J's assessment of Lord Grantham, and his very fine analysis of (most important of all) Grantham's response to the temptation. My complaint was with Fellowes picking that particular, and I think cliched, path of folly. But, honestly, the more I think about Downton the less upset I am about things that upset me before. Could Lord Grantham have really understood Mary's confession without having been humbled by the same temptation? And even the Patrick storyline--which I still think was completely absurd--I am willing to overlook because it did what I thought impossible before: made me pity (and care for) Edith. Also J has a royal send up of Branson and Sybill (Or "What Kids Did Before There Were Che T-Shirts"). Just, go read the post. It's great. And then watch this. Which is beyond great.

Ciao, friends! Have a rockin' weekend.

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  1. I don't know what your price range is for dresses, but have you seen Shabby Apple yet? :)

    also, I love you clippings post. Always in time for lunch ;) such goodness to read!