February 24, 2012

Video: This is My Home

No clippings post today. Just this:

I read in The New Yorker or Wall Street Journal once about a fellow who had a storefront home in Manhattan. He spent his days, sitting in the front room, welcoming visitors into his home to explore. These total strangers walking in off the street often thought his home was an antique store or a vintage shop, but he warned them upon entry that though they are welcome to explore, nothing is for sale.  I immediately filed the story away--to track down in person someday--and now, I am glad to say, there is a video showing this man and his crazy, wonderful home.  What a beautiful soul!

"A lot of people tell me not to keep the door open, and I say: why not? It's my home. It's my veranda outside. I sit outside from morning till the evening, and I've made so many friends."

It was beautifully filmed by Departure | Arrival Films.

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