February 23, 2012

Meatless Meals: Shrooms and Oysters and Salad, oh my!

Now that it's lent, I am reviving my Meatless Meals series. Though I try not to eat meat on Fridays year round, I get tired of posting only meatless recipes.  Then my "meatless" file gets backlogged, so there's lots of inspiration in store for you these next 6 weeks. These will post every Thursday afternoon.

In the summertime, it is so easy to go meatless.  Spring is much more challenging.  But there are three things even the barest of farmer's markets have these days: mushrooms, oysters, and bright, cheerful green green green lettuce. I bought some lovely mushrooms at the market Saturday--they are golden like chanterelles, but are more apricotty, apparently. And the oysters!  Well, I always say Rappahanock River Oysters are the best, but if you aren't lucky enough to live here, you can find fresh, pre-shucked ones at your seafood market.  (Honestly, you can used canned oysters. TJs has a good variety.)  Clearly, if you want to go meatless, don't use the lardo or speck.  Serve with this pleasing and simple salad.  Both recipes (and photos) are from Bon Appetit.

Sourdough Toasts with Mushrooms and Oysters
Classic (dare we say perfect?) Salad

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  1. I made both for dinner and they were a big hit and work in perfect harmony together. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. oh yay! I just bought fresh oysters, so i am super excited to finally make them too.