February 09, 2012

DINING IN: You've Got Mail

Apparently this is a food week on 10KP.  That seems to have been all I've talked about.  Well, last night I sat down and watched, for the first time in probably seven years, You've Got Mail. I honestly haven't felt the lack, because I have the movie memorized, but it was so lovely to bask in its charm and familiarity. It struck me that there are few films I have been formed by more than this.  Perhaps that is silly to say, but it came out when I was a sophomore in High School, and I was completely sold.  I wanted to be Kathleen Kelly, with her beautiful little shop, and her "small but valuable" life, and her desire for something big, but contentment with who she was and what she had.

So, I thought I would do another in my "Dining In" series.  The last was for Much Ado About Nothingthis is considerably less grand and more homey. But it strikes my mood exactly.

FIRST COURSE: White Bean and Roasted Mushroom Soup
SECOND SOURCE: Buttermilk Roasted Chicken with Northern Spy Kale Salad and pop-overs
THIRD COURSE: Mocha Affogato with shortbread

(Ps. Hooked on Houses has a great profile of her adorable apartment.)

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