February 03, 2012


I am beat.  But this weekend is going to be awesome. We're heading to our favorite dive for trivia night tonight.  Our team is pretty good, so we could dominate, but we're also all eggheads, so we could fail colossally.  For example, we have no one that really knows sports trivia.  We're clearly not going to win at a dive bar if we don't have a sports person.

Don't forget: today is a day of prayer and fasting for our Bishops.

+ Did you know (this is so cool!) there used to be a language of stamps--as in how they were placed on an envelope meant certain things.  How fun!  Read more here. (via The Paris Review blog)

+ I can think of many problems with these Christian themed designer knock-offs.  But the two that come immediately to mind are: they were probably made in China by children and they're ugly.  (Thanks, Sarah!)

+  I read somewhere this week that Super Bowl Weekend is the second most food centered weekend of the year. But I saw a surprisingly few number of food blogs pay any attention to it. It's ok, though. This is seriously the only chili recipe you ever need.  And this weekend, you'll need it! (Eat Boutique)

+ Charles and Ray Eames are in the air it seems.  Terry Teachout has been sharing a few of their fantastic films: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

+ I want to make all these citrus dishes. (Food 52)

+ Sally reminds us of a few important mottos. (These got me through my week, S!)

+ I've been trying out this "Pomodoro" method of productivity. (I never thought I'd say the words "method of productivity.") But it actually works really well for me--balancing the concrete tasks at hand with my constant desire to be doing something else.

+ From Rosetti: 25 things learned from opening a bookshop.  My favorite is #21. (Salon)

+ Virginia Oyster Roast on a plantation with Rappahanock River Oysters.  I am so jealous.  (Garden & Gun)

+ My weekly "Oh my gosh I love love love the blog Letters of Note" post: this one is especially for Mom;  E.B.White writing to the ASPCA about his dachshund, Minnie:
In spite of what your inspector reported, she has a license. She is licensed in the State of Maine as an unspayed bitch, or what is more commonly called an "unspaded" bitch. She wears her metal license tag but I must say I don't particularly care for it, as it is in the shape of a hydrant, which seems to me a feeble gag, besides being pointless in the case of a female.


  1. That bookstore article is hilarious. I like the bucket of free books idea.

    And thanks for the shoutout! Whoohoo I feel famous :-)

  2. Ha! It's funny that in the language of stamps just pointing a stamp on straight means i love you.

  3. I do have an archive--look in the right-hand column of my blog.

  4. Your links are the best!! Thanks for sharing!!