February 10, 2012

Clippings: Work in Progress

Across the street from my bus stop, this apartment building is slowly being completed.  I was so glad when they put in the windows, because now, every morning, I can watch the golden sunrise reflected in the windows.  This morning, the sky was so blue, and the windows so gold, that I couldn't bear not to take a quick photo.  The moment sort of captures how I am feeling this week, anyway.  A work in progress.  

I hope you'll take a look at some of my posts from this week, if you missed them: DINING IN: You've Got Mail; a visit to Healdsburg; beat the winter blues with festive Mexican carnitas and cole slaw.  Plus, I'd like to thank, again, the beautiful post that Daiva did about the branding of Jams by Mags.

What else is happening around the web?

+ Wendell Berry will be giving the NEH's Jefferson Lecture, and I already have my tickets.  Do you?  I am excited about this for many many reasons.  First, he is being honored as a poet/novelist, and not so much for his non-fiction.  Don't get me wrong: I am very sympathetic to Berry's vision, but I think it is better communicated through his fiction, and especially his poetry, than his non-fiction.  Secondly, he is a lovely speaker, and this affords me the chance to listen to his gentle Kentucky drawl for a good hour at least.  Thirdly, just about everyone I know in Washington will be there, for the same reasons I will!  Fourthly, this is exactly the kind of event that makes me love Washington.  Where else would a lecture about poetry draw such a large crowd that they'd have to move it to the largest theater in the region.  Fifthly, the reception afterwards always has really good food and lots of lovely wine. I'll leave it at that for now.  But if you haven't reserved your tickets, DO IT.

+ Charley Parker did some research on pre-war produce crate labels, which reminds me that some things we can never improve upon. (Lines and Colors)

+ This story about a barman, an undertaker and a grocer, and their wild plot to try to kill a drunk homeless man and collect insurance in the 30's in NYC is macabre and fascinating and thrilling and well worth a read. (Smithsonian)

+ Ben's Robot Comics are so so perfect.  Read them all here! Buy the originals here! (House Hatke)

+ Stearns, can we make this pleasethankyou. (Smitten Kitchen)

+ Food 52 picks their favorite items/trends/influences of the past year.  And the list is awesome.

+ These miniature books are simply amazing.  They took my breath away. (Anthology Mag)

+ NY Fashion Week started yesterday.  New York Magazine created a massive slideshow asking different designers and fashion houses for one word/image that inspired them.  Check it out here. (There's a lot of red and a lot of black and white, and this makes me glad.)

+ So, I am now definitely on the Downton Abbey train.  Here's a lovely interview of Julian Fellows, the series' creator. (Who, according to Br. S, is Catholic.) I love the distinction he made between courtesy and manners.  (BBC)

+ Did you know the Italian word for pudding is Budino. I am glad I learned this. (Bon Appetit)

+ Look, I really like Imperial Stouts. And I am grateful there are only a couple IPAs on this list, though, really, Pliny the Younger is far too hoppy.  But? Imperial Stouts take 10 of the 15 greatest beer spots?  I think not.

Finally: I am really looking forward to this series with Jason Isaacs (one of my favorite actors), which Julie brought to my attention: 

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  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    my husband made a pliny homebrew. admittedly, it was much, much too hoppy, but after it had aged a few months, it was a lovely beer. i almost liked it.