February 17, 2012

Clippings: here and there

+ Living Social, which, frankly, I like a lot more than Groupon, has a new storefront in one of my favorite parts of downtown (right across from Cowgirl Creamery, thank you very much). And it looks like its going to be a blast. (DCist)

Why I hate wikipedia. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

+ For a man who's wife has started an anti-obesity campaign, the President sure eats a lot of burgers. Then again, DC has a lot of good burger joints. (Washington Post)

+ Would love to see this ballet interpretation of George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin someday. Also, just generally, I'd love to see more ballet and more ballet for children.  Come on, folks.  (WSJ)

+ Above is one of the many wonderful watercolors, by Lara Harwood, a UK artist I just discovered.  I bookmarked her page so that on cold grey days like yesterday, I can give myself a little lift by looking at her work. (via You Are My Fave)

+ A. S. Byatt's new novel, Ragnarok: The End of the Gods is short! and about gods! And the cover is awesome, as usual!  WSJ reviews.

+ Ever wondered what a police composite sketch of the hero (or villain) of your favorite novel would look like?  I thought so.

+ Purple food.

+ Have I ever shown you this incredible website that gives you close up detail of the art on the walls of the Sistine Chapel?  It's amazing.  And has an incredible soundtrack. Go Vatican!

+ As I told Miss Hale, I really know nothing about this question, but here are two people living who I admire who are debating something that sounds important, and will likely interest my readers who are way smarter than me, on the whole: Marilynne Robinson v. Alasdair Macintyre on modernism. (New Atlantis)

+ I'm going to close with something that deserves a post of it's own, but which I just don't have time to write right now: Terry Teachout's excellent essay in The Wall Street Journal exploring the question: "How can Skeptics Make Great Religious Art?"

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