January 26, 2012

Thursday Clippings

Guys, I am wiped out. I haven't returned a single phone call in a week and a half. I have a million emails to attend to.  Besides having 7 different people staying at Cranford over the last week, and all the  adventures surrounding the March for Life, work has been really, wonderfully busy this week. In spite of all of that (because of all of that?), this has been a really fantastic week, and looks to be a great, albeit full, weekend. So, here are clippings, a day early, and I'll see you on Monday.

+  Since I got my iPhone, I am much more active in twitter and instagram and facebook and pinterest and so forth, and I am thinking a lot about whether I should be, and how much I ought to share with the world. This article from The Vatican Insider about the Pope's thoughts on Tweeting gave much food for thought.

+ Related: The internet: a place of freedom, a bird flying high in the air, or "a great groaning table, creaking under bottomless platters of food and pitchers of drink, and we in our chairs, too exhausted to stand, mouths too numb to taste much, but with just enough energy to reach for more."  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

+ Two of President John Tyler's grandchildren are alive.  He was president in the 1841.  But the math works out...  (via NathanContraMundi)

+ From Hepburn comes this fun piece: movies posters from an alternate universe.  (The Hangover, starring the Rat Pack.  Yes!)

+ Also neat: the Retronaut features photos of famous photographers holding their most iconic photos, and telling a little bit about the day.

+ LA Public Library's book-mobile for the sick.  Can I have one for even when I'm not sick?

+ Speaking of LA, have you been following Happy Catholic's adventures there?

+ I am, and really always have been, obsessed with Liberty of London fabrics. They have the most marvelous and inventive prints, and their cotton lawn is so lovely and smooth and delicate.  If I were a seamstress, I would have a whole closet full of blouses made from their prints (since I cannot possibly afford to purchase on of their ready-made shirts.)  The Bloosmbury Life blog wrote a great post showcasing some of their new (awesome) prints and  asking us what inspired them.  The answers are sometimes quite surprising. (via Spoon)

+ As soon as I find some blood oranges, I am making this blood orange quick bread.  With pink icing!  Yes! (Eat Make Read)

+ Also, remind me why I don't make homemade granola?  (Orangette)

+ I have only been to 8 of the top 100 places to visit before you die.  This makes me feel lame.  But then when San Francisco got listed at 79 and LA got listed in the top ten, and the Rockies aren't anywhere on the list, I thought maybe I shouldn't feel too bad.  Anyway, I only want to go to about 50 of the places on the list.  How'd you do?

+ Lastly:

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