January 02, 2012

Problems of the New Year

1) How do I get 40 lbs of citrus fruit back to Washington?
2) Why, two days before I leave the West Coast, am I finally sleeping past 6 am?
3) Do I still have time to watch White Christmas, You've Got Mail, and Hunt For Red October before I leave?
4) Should I buy the iPhone (yes, I'm caving) here or in DC?
5) What should I read this week? (I've already finished several mystery novels this week.)
6) What should I read this year?
7) How, exactly, am I going to fit all these gifts in my suitcase?
8) Any new year's resolutions?  I think not...
9) Where's my coffee?
10) Why do I simultaneously want to stay here forever, and go back to VA and get to work?

1 comment:

  1. 10) because I'm here!
    9) at NSS
    8) write more letters to Emily Hale.
    5) Lahiri, clearly!
    1) can't you turn it into jam and have your parents ship it from there to the buyers? :)

    I know, I know. I'm super helpful! And not at all self-centered...

    Also, I'm proud, too, of you drinking your coffee black!