January 03, 2012

On my Radar: Washington, DC

One major change in 2012 is that I will have full weekends again, as I am changing my hours at the wine shop I work at. While I made this decision so I can dedicate more time to Jams by Mags, I am excited for the increased opportunity for adventures in the City. Here are a few things I've been meaning to check out.  (Will you join me?)

+ Well, alas, I've only had a handful of these 40 must-try dishes selected by the Washington Post. Note, please, how awesomely ethnic these choices are.  Also, inexpensive (mostly).

+ Community Forklift is a huge architectural/garden thrift store and I know going there will only make me want a house more than anything in the whole world, but still: we must go.

+ Riding a horse was one of my goals for 2011.  The closest I got was riding the carousel on the Mall (above).  Back on the list for 2012.

+ Jazz. Jazz. Jazz. Jazz.

+ Picasso Drawings at the NGA; Painters and Photography at the Phillips; The Peacock Room with the shutters open (ongoing) at the Freer.

+ I still haven't been to Culpepper, Fredericksburg, Staunton, Middleberg, or Charlottesville. Can I tick two of those of the list this year?

+ Visit these shops.  (And make my own guide to DC?)

+ On my flight over from DC, I sat next to a charming young couple--wearing hideous Christmas sweaters--and gabbed with the gentleman quite a bit, because he hated flying, and talking helped him through it.  We talked about our favorite spots in DC, and about books and literature and education (he had just graduated from UMD).  And he told me that he used to work at the Second Story Books Warehouse, and that I really need to go there.  And I do...goodness, gracious, I do.

+ Also, Kim: we need to continue our Greater DC Great Sandwich Hunt

UPDATE: DC Food trend predictions. I agree with all of this except the pork/bacon fad continuing. Also, I predict that the next big ingredient will be mushrooms. They have the deep umami characteristics that make pork so welcome, but without the fat and heaviness.

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  1. You *should* visit Culpeper! ;)