January 19, 2012

Coming in February: Jams by Mags Marmalades

Starting February 1st, the Jams by Mags will be releasing some pretty spectacular marmalades. (If I may say so myself.)

Selections include:
+ Lime Marmalade with Pomegranate and Ginger
+ Hot Toddy Marmalade (with bourbon and honey)
+ Citrus Chutney with Fennel and Onion

But, guys!  I have a LOT of Lemons.  Tell me: which of these would you also like to see:

+ Lemon Marmalade with Almond (not whole almonds, simply infused with almond taste)
+ Lemon Jelly (as opposed to marmalade)
+ Lemon Marmalade with Vanilla
+ Lemon and Apple Jam
+ Lemon and Cranberry Marmalade

Also, to all those who've asked: I cannot make shelf-stable lemon curd. I don't have the equipment necessary to make a shelf-stable product out of eggs and butter.  However, lemon curd is almost absurdly simple to make at home. David Leibowitz' recipe is excellent.

P.S. I've been documenting the progress using Instagram, and I am totally obsessed.



  1. Lemon jelly sounds yummy.

  2. With vanilla! Or with cranberry! Either would be AMAZING! Go, Maggie, go!