January 20, 2012

Clippings: Mostly silly. Then quite grave.

Today is the feast of St. Sebastian. I love this Georges de la Tour painting, because it shows the next part of the story: Irene, coming to rescue Sebastian and bringing him back to health.  He was eventually clubbed to death on the order of Diocletian. I must admit, I dislike all the representations of St. Sebastian as a perfect male form. They seem so sensual. Is this prudish of me?  Though I can't put my finger on what bothers me so much about them, I don't think I am being prudish. Anyway, this painting offers an alternative. The grief on the women's faces is such an evocative bit of iconography--like the women Christ meets on the way of the Cross, like the pieta, like Mary Magdalene weeping over the empty tomb.  But they are also women of action: Irene (in black--she was a widow) prudent, thoughtful countenance, ready to lend a hand.  Her companion stoops down to investigate.

+ You should see me sitting here, winking at my computer, trying out these different signals.  It's pretty ridiculous. As Aaron said: the danger of misunderstanding is rather high.

+ Gary Oldman, the model? (These clothes are smoking.) (Yes, I know, Defoe and Brody are in there too. But, guys: Gary Oldman!)

+ I love these sheep. A lot. A really nice shop, in fact.

+ Sh*t DC Says.  And the breakdown.

+ Is it spring training yet?

+ 73 letterpress poster sayings. I love these.  Especially the random ones.

+ Typewriter paintings. Though, I think they are technically pastels.


+ Let us consider, as we approach the 39th anniversary of the passing of Roe vs. Wade, that the problem of abortion is larger than America.  And that our notion of "women's rights" is far different when applied to the rest of the world. And that there are aspects of the abortion culture that are so horrific, I'd hope even the most adamant supporters of abortion would tremble. Indeed: the three deadliest words in the world are "It's a Girl."  There, but for the grace of God, we go.

+ On the other hand: let us not loose hope. About anything.  Sebastian didn't.

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