January 11, 2012

A Bucket List for 2012

2012 - nuff said

As I said before: I am not one for resolutions. But I am one for making lists, and there are some things I've been meaning to do that I have not accomplished yet. Let me put them down here for posterity or something, and I'll be sure to share with you when they've been accomplished.  If they've been accomplished.  Perhaps we can call it a bucket list for 2012.

Roast a whole fish.
Hike at least one mountain. (Mt. Tam, perhaps?)
Go camping on Assateague (again).
Submit for publication at least two essays.
Go overseas.
Ride a horse.
Buy an original work of art (preferably from a friend)
Plant something, and yes, make sure it grows.
Make an entire meal from scratch: that is, not pre-made bread, pasta, condiments, cheese, etc. Everything made from the raw local ingredients. Ideally, many of the vegetables will be from friend's gardens.

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